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Why do we really need to drink water? Who should drink more?

Our body composition is about 60-75% water (and the brain is 85 %!), and it is only if we drink water (not tea, coffee, soup, lemonade, etc.) we can replenish the loss of water by the cells of the body.


While you are reading this, your body is hard at work, filtering out water molecules from other impurities in liquids you drink. It is only in this pure form that molecules can be absorbed by the body cells since they have their own standard for water quality. You can imagine that this is a very hard and ungrateful job. So please do yourself a favour and alternate tea, juices and coffee with a glass of clean water.

drink more water


  1. Each person has his own, individual need for water, but in general, men require a little more water than women.
  2. Take into account the water volume in vegetables and fruits, that is, if you have just eaten half of a watermelon, you can drink less liquid.
  3. On the contrary, if you drink coffee, tea, or alcohol, you need to add a few more glasses of water, since all these drinks contribute to the loss of water by the body.


  1. You live or are located in a country with a hot and humid climate. This applies to a sauna or bathhouse, so do not forget to drink water when visiting them.
  2. You reside high above sea level (above 2500m). At this altitude, the body is severely dehydrated. This applies to flights on an airplane, so, apart from drinking, it is also important not to abuse alcohol which increases dehydration.
  3. You are actively involved in sports and sweat a lot, losing fluid.
  4. You have a fever, vomiting, or diarrhea. The body is in a state of intoxication and loses fluid.
  5. You are suffering from a UTI (urinary tract infection).
  6. You are pregnant or breastfeeding – in this case, you need to drink for two.
  7. If you drink alcohol, it must be alternated with a glass of water to avoid intoxication and headaches.
  8. You have a predisposition to a headache or migraine. Research shows that a lack of water can cause a migraine.
  9. If you suffer from constipation. Water, especially sparkling water, helps people who do not drink enough liquids to cope with constipation.
  10. Drinking water is recommended for those who suffer from kidney stones. The more water passes through the kidneys, the lower the concentration of minerals, and the less likely they are to form crystals within them.
  11. Drinking water is advised for those who want to lose weight. Very often thirst is confused with hunger, so it is advisable to drink a glass of warm water before each meal intake to make sure that you are really experiencing such severe hunger.


drinking water
  1. Tap water in our country is not suitable for drinking. Boiling it or distilling may help to remove toxins. Western resources often say that distillation removes useful salts and minerals from water. It seems to me that the issue of toxins and impurities is more acute in our country.
  2. Filter – removes toxins and impurities. IMPORTANT! You need to understand what impurities are present in the water from your tap so that you can choose the right filter! Prior to investing in a filtering system, be sure to carry out a water test.
  3. Bottled water is convenient, sterile but expensive, and plastics add to the pollution problem of our planet.
  4. (Large) Bottled water – there are many companies that offer water of different quality and composition – they deliver it directly to your house, you can then fill a regular bottle and take it with you. Before drinking this water, it is important to check the supplier’s bottles and look at the markings on the plastic so that it is BPA-free (Bisphenol-A free). This is usually added to plastic in order to make it more durable and transparent, however, there is a lot of research on how BPA is often the cause of hormonal disorders (I will write an article on this topic in the near future).
  5. An excellent and cheaper option is a charcoal filter that will filter tap water. Again, it is best to do a water test first.


There is such a test in Ayurveda – put hot water into a thermos or thermo-mug and drink it in small sips throughout the day. If you continue to feel thirsty as you drink, then you (your lymph) are dehydrated. You need to drink pure hot water, and not water with lemon, as this is the purest form of liquid, which is immediately absorbed into the lymph without the need for prior purification by the body. The test will surprise you, I guarantee!

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