so much to do, so little time. where is the balance?

My name is Maria Kravchuk. I help busy, stressed women get results in their lives and grow to become the best possible versions of themselves.

Maria Kravchuk Coaching

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I figured this out through my own experience, trying out different diets and approaches to life.

I struggled with emotional eating all my life.  At some point, numerous health issues have started to show up for me.  I took the pills I was prescribed for months, but nothing I tried has worked.

I realised that doctors are so overworked, they do not have time to figure out the cause of our deceases. This has lead me to become a certified Health Coach – not a doctor or nutritionist, but a professional, specializing in setting and achieving results related to health and lifestyle.

Everyone has a vision of “how I want to live.” Why do some women manage to get results, while others all go around in circles, from motivational literature to training?

I have a solution for women who want to be strong, beautiful and happy. For those who have the courage to take a step towards the desired.

How does health coaching work?

The magic of my tools is that they can be applied to virtually anything – you could apply them to help you run a marathon, lose weight, sleep, or get rid of allergies once and for all. To me wellness is a holistic or integrated approach to life. This means that everything is related. For example, your nutrition affects your well-being, which affects your success at work, which affects many other areas of your life. 

Whatever your goal is, I will teach you to achieve all of them!

how can we work together?


one-on-one coaching

This personalized programme includes 12 meetings over a period of 6 months, during which we will set goals, track your progress, correct whatever is not working for you and celebrate your wins together. I will help you understand your mind and give you tools to get results on your own once our program is finished. This way, you will always have results!


Group workshops

Group meetings or master classes for you, your friends and colleagues.

Why work with me?

A few years ago I started to have a lot of minor health issues, such as skin rashes, nasal congestion, recurring tonsillitis, bloating, UTIs etc, which led to regular visits to the doctor. Unfortunately, their recommendations (mostly antibiotics) did not make me feel any better, and after a few years I decided to take my health into my own hands.

I have always been fascinated with nature and biology, and I was surprised to learn that human body can cure itself, by itself, given half a chance.  After some researh, I entered the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York and began to better understand the laws of equilibrium of our bodies and the environment. Along with my studying, my health began to improve.

My mission is to share my personal experience with women and help them get to know their bodies and find their own key to happiness!