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When you get nervous or are in a bad mood, it has a direct effect on the state of your gut heallth, which your immune system almost completely depends on! Where does the strengthening the nervous system begin, and how can morning meditation and vitamins help with this?

FACT: 60% of neurotransmitters are in the digestive tract, so when we are upset or stressed, our gut is affected. Moreover, 70% of immunity (GALT – gut-associated lymphoid tissue) is located in the digestive tract.


Strengthening the nervous system starts from the moment, you open your eyes. When we wake up, the first thing we do is grab our phone or run to brush our teeth, take a shower and make breakfast. What, if you try to take a short pause, tune in and start your day mindfully?

This will help you:

  • overcome emotional overeating;
  • feel more positive and happier;
  • make clear plans for the day and be sure to implement them;
  • act consciously, and not in the “autopilot” mode.


morning meditation

Put a small sheet of paper next to your bed, on which write words of gratitude to yourself / God / the Universe (depending on what you believe in).

For instance:

morning meditation

And so on…

Morning meditation usually takes no more than 5 minutes, but trust me, starting from the first day onward you will feel noticeable difference. Strengthening the nervous system is an everyday job that is considerably simplified by the presence of certain rituals in life. These rituals include: reading a book prior to sleep, taking a daily walk, a cup of hot tea in the morning silence. Try to be aware of what helps relieve stress and relaxes you – silence, a hydrating facemask, active workout or music and singing in the car. If you do not have such rituals in your life, no vitamins will help you obtain peace.


strengething the nervous system

Let us review Angela’s example. Angela (not her real name), 32 years old, is experiencing severe stress at work. Wakes up tired, swollen and grumpy, has no strength to work out in the gym. She constantly makes mistakes at work, forgets everything, does not have time to finish reports on time, although she is usually one of the most capable and motivated employees in the company. She has anxiety that she will be fired, and therefore lives in constant stress.

What can you advise her?


IMPORTANT – You cannot take more than 3 different supplements simultaneously, or you will never find out which of these helps you.

  1. Magnesium (relaxes muscles or improves sleep)
  2. Complex of B vitamins (from which cortisol is synthesized, negatively affects energy level and cognitive function)
  3. Vitamin C (assists with managing stress and supports the adrenal glands, which release it. In case of chronic stress, the adrenal glands cannot handle stress, and as a result, vitamin C deficiency can occur)
  4. Zinc (in the time of stress, a substantial amount of zinc is consumed, which negatively affects immune function, sensitivity to histamines, allergies and acne. Zinc is vital for mental activity)
  5. Omega-3 (helps the brain cope with stress and physiological responses to it, as well as, with anxiety and fatigue)
  6. Rhodiola extract (belongs to adaptogens, helps the body to manage stress)
  7. Glutathione (one of the main antioxidants in our organism, it helps the liver to flush out toxins, increases energy level and improves mood). Quality glutathione is costly, so you can try NAC or N-acetylcysteine ​​as an alternative.


When you are in the state of constant stress, you compromise your gut and put your immune system in danger, since they are directly interrelated.

Even insignificant lifestyle changes such as morning meditation can help you improve your mental health and stay relaxed and focused throughout the day.

If nothing helps you, you can try various supplements and vitamins that aid in strengthening the nervous system.

Do you drink any supplements? Or do you prefer a balanced diet, from which you get your daily dose of vitamins?

If you have questions about nervous system or want to make your lifestyle healthier, but do not know how, I can help! Write to me at info@mariakravchuk.com or sign up for a consultation, and we will discuss where to start.

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