займатися спортом коли немає мотивації

How do you work out with zero sport motivation?

There are days when it is very difficult to force yourself to get out of bed in the morning, let alone do any physical activity. For those who cannot bring themselves to excercise, or are starting a new kind of sport from a scratch, I have prepared 13 life hacks that can help them find sport motivation:

13 life hacks for finding sport motivation

  1. Buy yourself nice sportswear or even ask your friends to gift you activewear or a bright gym bag for your birthday, which you will not want to part with;
  2. Allow yourself to wash your hair only on the days when you go to the gym or plan to play sports. You will not be able to stand it longer than a few days!
  3. Frequently remind yourself for why you are doing this – for example, to flaunt that summer body in shorts, go to the beach with friends, try water skiing with friends, or just give yourself a photo session as a souvenir;
  4. Sign up for training in small boutique gyms – now there are a lot of them in any city. Cycling, TRX, dancing, hot yoga – one-time visits will cost more than a membership fee, but you definitely won’t miss such a workout and you will not get bored of it;
  5. Attend group workouts – if you lack your internal sport motivation, you will be supported by the energy of the group, especially when you are tired and have no strength to continue;
  6. Challenge yourself with mini-challenges – swim or run 5 minutes longer than yesterday. And celebrate victories, even smalles ones;
sport motivation
  1. Challenge yourself with bigger challenges – try a mini-run, swim or plank competition. You can and should compete with your friends!
  2. Surround yourself with sport motivation – a photo of an actresses or some other celebrity on the fridge, a number for an ideal weight you wish to achieve as a screensaver on your phone. You can also hang up a swimsuit on the wall – my friend at university had her pants nailed to the wall and looked at them until she could fit into those pants;
  3. Listen to audiobooks while exercising, and the time will pass unnoticed;
  4. Fall in love with your preferred sport and it will cease to be a challenge for you! My daughter enjoys badminton, for example, and for her this is not a workout at all;
  5. Collect medals (if you participate in competitions), order a special honor board for them on the Internet and display them proudly on your wall;
  6. Workout with your best friends – this is huge! This way you can compete, support and motivate each other at the same time. And then go together to a cafe for a delicious breakfast;
  7. Tell yourself “I can just warm up a little and go home”. When you are in your (nice) gym gear and headhpones you will be in the mood for working up a sweat!


Scientists all over the world are unanimous in the fact that physical activity occupies the most important place in the life of mankind and desease prevention – and with age you need to be no less active than in adolescence or youth. Movement is life, and it’s never too late to start changing something.

ernestine shepherd
Ernestine Shepherd (84) – my personal role model

One day, when she was 56, Ernestine Shepherd walked into a fitting room in a swimwear store. She went into the fitting room but was shocked to see a 56-year-old tired overweight secretary in the mirror. Looking at her reflection, Shepherd knew it was time to change her body.

Ernestine Shepherd started training from a scratch. She promised herself and her sister Violet that she would become a proud owner of an athletic and fit figure. Shortly thereafter, the sister died unexpectedly from a ruptured aneurysm in the brain. After she recovered from the shock, Ernestine Shepherd resumed her training with doubled motivation: in memory of her sister.

Thus, thanks to many hours of training and proper nutrition, she literally built herself a new body. Shepherd refuses to take any drugs or pills and assures us that has not had any physical pain for the past 20 years.


You must understand that doing something (every day) is a million times better than doing nothing. For example, try skipping the elevator, going to the ladies’ room on another floor at work, or getting off the bus one stop early.

How do you find sport motivation? If you have any method of your own that works, I will be glad if you share it with me!

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