frequently asked questions

Coaching (in the meaning that we use it today) started in 90s in USA.  Its a process of interaction between two people whereby the client becomes focused on his goals and starts tom move towards them, solving his own problems in the process. Its like fitness coaching, but with life and health issues.  You reach your goals on your own, my job is to provide guidance, knowledge and support you in the process. 

Someone, who does not have time to figure things out on their own (the way I did). I could give a few examples of this woman:

  • She cannot wake up without a cup of coffee (or two).
  • She cannot say “no” to sugar.
  • She has a gym membership she hasn’t used in a while and is upset her waist is getting bigger.
  • She secretly dreams of quitting her job and going on a long vacation to Bali.
  • She does things for others without getting help in return.
  • Has severe PMS symptoms and they are getting worse each year.
  • Is regularly bloated after a meal

This is someone who would benefit from coaching when they decide to take charge of their health and break-free out of “auto-pilot” mode.   

There is a lot of similarities between therapy and coaching.  Both create a safe space where you can bring your problems, be heard and leave happy someone listened.  However, therapists mostly work with the deep issues of being unhappy, whereas coaches help you achieve your health and life goals here and now. 

The two professions can work in a team and do not contradict one another.


I received my education at Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, with a subsequent in-depth course in Endocrinology.  I tested out about a hundred diets on myself to see which one makes me feel my best. When I see the amount of women around me with problems similar to those I had a few years ago, and then I see them adjusting their lifestyle and feeling better after accepting my recommendations, it brings me so much joy, that I am not sure which one of us is happiest 🙂 This is not just work for me, this is my passion.  

I read a lot every day, but most of all I love reading biographies.  If you are reading this, I would love to hear your story!

Business consultants set goals too and base them on common knowledge, for example, “Dont eat sugar, its bad for you!” 

A health coach would ask you when you crave sugar the most, explain the difference between types of sugar and which processes take place in your body when you eat sugar.  They would also help you find an alternative to sugar, cut out sugar from your diet for a month to see what your body tells you it is missing. 

Coach helps you set your goals and lives through this process with you.  Consultant gives you a general plan.  

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