my work principles:

  • Your mind is the most powerful tool you have to have any result in your life. 
  • Every woman is biologically unique. This means that we will choose a diet, daily routine and physical activity which will be best suited to your specific needs and lifestyle.  
  • I do not believe in counting calories, period! Instead, you will learn about portion sizes, what should be on your plate and how to notice and interpret your cravings.
  • The end goal is to teach you to be your own coach!

what we do in the process:


At our first meeting, we will look at your Circle of Life (C) wheel, which is a special tool I practice to see where your life is out of balance. You will then decide on the priorities you want to focus on first.

Set the right goals

We will write down all your goals on paper and break them down into steps: they say that the writting down your goal increases its chances of being achieved by 42%! Whether its the goal for the next 3 months or for your lifetime - it is up to you!

transform your life in 3 months of our programme

We will meet weekly to discuss your progress and see how your body is responding. I will share recipes and basic nutritional information with you on a weekly basis. We will make a plan for the week ahead including food and shopping lists.

my experience:

Below is a list of my diplomas, by clicking on the icon you can go to the site, where there is a detailed description of the programme passed.

Diploma confirming that I have passed certification in Institute for Integrative Nutrition (New York), and I can legally work as your coach.


I also specialize in hormones and their health.