my work principles:

  • To help all busy women add meaning and happiness to their lives   
  • I work with your bio-individuality and the belief that every woman is unique and different. This means that we will choose a diet, daily routine and physical activity which will be best suited to your specific needs and lifestyle.  
  • I dont believe in counting calories, but I will teach you to listen to your body, because it knows and tells you what is best for you
  • The end goal is to teach you to be your own coach!

what we do in the process:


At our first meeting, we will determine how not to go with the flow of events and not close the deadlines all our lives, but also to make a conscious choice in all aspects of our life: from dishes for dinner to the general balance of desires and opportunities. Allow time to think and understand what is more important now.

Set the right goals

We will write down all your goals on paper and break them down into steps: they say that the writting down your goal increases its chances of being achieved by 42%! Whether its the goal for the next 6 months or for your lifetime - it is up to you!

transform your life in 6 months of our programme

We will not get you ready for a marathon in a week. But after 6 months of running you will become a super runner! Science says, that it takes 6 months for the changes in our lives to become permanent. We will meet every two weeks, and each of our meetings will bring you closer to the desired result, so taking care of yourself will become a daily habit.

my experience:

Below is a list of my diplomas, by clicking on the icon you can go to the site, where there is a detailed description of the programme passed.

Diploma confirming that I have passed certification in Institute for Integrative Nutrition (New York), and I can legally work as your coach.


I also specialize in hormones and their health.