how to lose weight forever

5 tips on how to lose weight once and for all

Most of my clients want to lose weight as soon as possible. They also want to make sure it never returns.

A healthy lifestyle means exactly that, a sustainable and healthy way of living your life. It does not mean extreme dieting, exhausting exercise or anything of the sort.

Why is fasting and dieting a bad idea to lose weight?

Many decades, or even centuries ago, the concept of diet or nutritional control for weight loss simply did not exist. A person would eating only in case of famine, winter or war (shortage of food). Even many centuries later, our cells carry the biological memory of long periods of hunger.

Your body doesn’t know the difference between going to war or dieting in order to look beautiful in a dress while on vacation. When you start to eat significantly less, the body perceives this as a signal that there will be no food for a very long time. What should it do in this case? That’s right – to set aside the maximum amount of reserves for the future, when energy will be required. This is why long periods of fasting are usually accompanied by rapid weight gain – everything you eat is immediately deposited in the form of adipose tissue. Nutrition plays an important role in the process of losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight, so do not forget about a balanced diet, about fats, proteins and carbohydrates, as well as about the vitamins and minerals that the body needs.

What to do if you are eating healthy but can not lose weight?

If you are doing everything right but still not losing weight, or if you’re stuck or the weight is creeping up, try adding doing items from the list below daily.


drink water to lose weight

Hunger and thirst are very similar, so it is possible that you are just dehydrated and thirsty, not hungry. Instead of going for that piece of bread, try drinking a glass of pure water 20 minutes before every meal. The same can be done if you are craving something sweet. If you are still feeling hungry after that, you should eat. Thus, you will be able to maintain the water balance at the required level, and the feeling of fullness in the process of eating food will come earlier, allowing you to reduce the portion size.


eat breakfast for weight loss

My favorite motto is that self-care starts with breakfast! Make sure you have a good portion of protein for breakfast – an omelette with vegetables, scrambled eggs or greek yoghurt with berries. How can you lose weight with a big breakfast? First, after an overnight fast, your stomach is emptied, rested and ready to absorb a lot of nutrients from food. Secondly, having a hearty breakfast, you will feel full until lunchtime, and you can easily give up sweet and high-calorie snacks.


why you need to chew well

Try not to look at your phone, TV or chat on the phone during meals. For maximum absorption, food should be very well chewed and mixed with saliva (it contains enzymes that are responsible for the process of digesting food). If you eat slowly, you can enjoy the taste of the food, feel satisfied earlier, and stop eating when full.


sleep well to lose weight

Poor sleep quality, or lack of it, has a detrimental effect on the hormones ghrelin (an appetite hormone that increases with poor sleep) and leptin (a hormone that reduces
hunger). Leptin is produced by fat cells, and its main task is to inform the brain about the amount of fat stores, thereby regulating energy consumption. When you don’t get enough sleep, your brain slows down the production of leptin and raises ghrelin, which increases appetite. Hence, many people develop a habit of late-night snackingt.


take walks to lose weight

Many people don’t consider walking to be physical activity. Nevertheless, it’s a great and enjoyable way to burn some calories and improve blood circulation. Research shows that 1 hour of daily walking can help you lose 10% weight in just 6 months. The faster you walk and the larger your weight, the more calories you burn during walking. For example, maintaining the same walking pace (4 km / h), a 55 kg girl burns 165 kcal, and a 109 kg girl burns 370 kcal (this is twice as much).

Do you have your own method for losing weight? Do you manage to stick to it all your life? I would be happy if you shared your secrets with me!

If you have questions about losing weight or nutrition, or want to make your lifestyle healthier, I can help! Drop me a line on info@mariakravchuk.com or sign up for a consultation, and we will discuss where you should start.

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