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5 natural ways to treat a cold sore.

If you occasionally get a cold sore on your lip (or a cold sore in your mouth), you will agree with me that it always appears at the wrong time. Before I began taking care of my health, and myself, I had cold sores on my lip several times a year – in winter, when my lips were chapped from the cold, or in summer, after being in the sun. Now I do not even remember the last time I suffered from this.

I do not sunbathe in the sun anymore and I always wear protective hygienic lipstick, but I want to share with you several reliable ways to prevent herpes on the lip that work flawlessly for me personally.


sleep and cold sore

Let me remind you that sleep is not a luxury. It is vital for:

  • normal cell function
  • their regeneration
  • brain and nervous system function
  • feeling good
  • supporting the immune system

Research shows that even the generally accepted 7 hours of sleep are not always enough for the body to fully recover and cope with the ongoing infection. Cold sore on the lip or mouth is a viral infection, usually caused by a type 1 herpes virus (HSV-1). Therefore, if you already have herpes, try to spend more time for (quality) sleep and regeneration of the body.


stress and cold sore

Stress is a subject of many written articles (I, myself, have written several). When you are under stress, especially chronic stress, it weakens the body’s defenses. Your body is always on alert, which is very exhausting and makes you especially vulnerable to viruses and infection. There are many techniques to deal with stress that you could use, including breathing, walking in the fresh air, working on positive thinking, and so on.


healthy food and cold sore

We are what we eat (or rather, we are what is absorbed in our gut). Try to consume as many whole foods as possible, and they will keep your gut healthy and help your body keep immunity at its best to cope with any infection. Our body was designed to repel virus attacks, therefore, if it does not cope well with this task, you are not currently taking good care of yourself.

Try to limit your intake of foods that can cause inflammation in your body or weaken your immune system. Scientists are finding more and more relationships between viruses, incl. long covid-19, and those with inflammatory or autoimmune deceases.


L-arginine belongs to a number of essential amino acids. It can be found in in foods such as coke, beer, chocolate, spinach, nuts, and pumpkin seeds. Unfortunately, some studies show that this amino acid is able to activate the HSV-1 virus. If a cold sore appears on your lip or in your mouth, try to limit the intake of foods containing this amino acid.


Vitamin C, zinc, and the amino acid L-lysine can help prevent cold sore on the lip and mouth. I recommend trying liposomal Vitamin C and Zinc Picolinate, since they are absorbed better. As with any dietary supplements, you should definitely consult with your doctor regarding the dosage!


If you regularly develop cold sores or herpes on your lip, this is a clear sign that you should pay attention to your lifestyle, especially sleep, nutrition and how you deal with stress.

If you have questions about cold sores or if you want to make your lifestyle healthier, but do not know where to begin, I can help you achieve the best results using my unique coaching programme.

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